Make it possible to move multiple tasks as subtasks




with the current (web-)interface, it’s IMHO not possible to select multiple tasks and move them as subtasks of another task. On the other hand, it’s easy to move multiple subtasks into tasks - so breaking it is easy :wink:

My suggestion would be:
If I select multiple tasks and drag them over to the “>” of another task, then the details of that other task should be shown. Then, it would be easy to drop the selected tasks as subtasks.

Thank you for considering (and implementing) this :slight_smile:

For the asana (Android) app: While implementing subtask and multiple selection handling at all, this should be kept in mind.



Hi @PeterF

I totally agree. It took me a while to find a similar feedback, and I wasn’t sure if I was the only one.

In addition to being able to move multiple Tasks into another Task as Subtasks, I would also add a feature that would allow an easy conversion from a Task to a Section and vice versa. Perhaps a button as to not confuse the move with Task/Subtask moves.



This is exactly what I am trying to do - it would be extremely helpful if it were possible.


This is a essential part of our desired workflow. There needs to be a way to make this easier instead of drag&dropping 100s of tasks one by one.


Came here to suggest exactly this.


Yes, moving multiple tasks at-once to create sub-tasks would be swell. Having that pain point now.


That would be excellent feature!


Agreed, this would be very helpful!


I was looking for this feature as well! It would be of great value. @Asana, are you planning on creating this feature?


Same here. I use the CSV importer for long lists of tasks, but they all need to use the same subtasks. I then need to use a task template and drag the subtasks individually. I can select multiple subtasks, but the first task clicked moves into the detail window on the right making it impossible to drag the group over there and drop them in.


As a project manager I need a way to slide a group of task dates back or forward as needed - when a project gets delayed, or is completed early, etc etc etc


I’m just reiterating what everyone has said here. I need this feature!


Please, please add this feature.


Ditto; multiple tasks to sub-task is a pain,
and/or migrating multiple sub-tasks from one parent task to another parent task is not easy if list of sub-tasks is long.


Agreed. This would be very helpful!