Simple drag&drop move and duplicate tasks

Hello :slight_smile: I constantly encounter the fact that I can’t just move tasks and sabtasks where I want. In the “Sheet” section, for example, I want to transfer one subtask to another task, but this can only be done through the pop-up menu in task. Or I want to make a duplicate of subtask in another task. This requires so many extra movements. While it would be easier to simply drag the task or subtask wherever you want with the mouse, and with the CTRL key or the other pressed, the task would be cloned. Yes, now there is an opportunity in this way to drag a task into subtasks of another task and vice versa, but alas, this is not enough. It would be very nice if such functionality were fully implemented :slight_smile:

Hi @Vladimir_Malyshev, thanks for reaching out!

I see what you mean. You can currently see the subtask in the main list of tasks. However, since the subtask is not associated with the project, you cannot drag and drop a subtask to convert it as a subtask of a different task. At the moment is only possible to convert a task in subtask or viceversa.

Thanks again for your feedback. I’ve gone ahead and send this information internally so it can be considered in future updates. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks :slight_smile:


I hope that such functionality will someday appear. It will be more flexible and convenient :slight_smile:

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