Drag and drop subtasks to other tasks in list view

For our weekly editorial calendar I have milestones and tasks that have subtasks (this is a workaround since sections can’t be marked as ‘completed’). Often those subtasks need to be moved to other parent tasks. But it looks like I can’t drag and drop these subtasks from list view – I have to go into the parent task and drag them from below the description area. It would be so much easier if I could drag them straight from the list view.

Hi @Delaina_McCormack :wave:t3:

Have you tried the “make a subtask of” within the Advanced Actions task menu?

Yes, but ultimately drag and drop is the functionality that is most intuitive.


Agreed, it’s kind of counter intuitive that drag and drop works so often in asana except for this one usecase.

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Yes ! This feature is more important than ever since SECTIONS are not tasks anymore…

Hi @Marie, possible to know if there are any chances to hope this feature soon ?


It’d be great to select multiple tasks and drag them into another. The add to another task, feature for moving multiple tasks is cumbersome

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The advance menu works but drag and drop would be more intuitive and faster.