Feature request: Drop one or several [sub] tasks into another subtask

Dear Asana devs,

it’s be cool if I could drop one task onto another, in order to make it a subtask. The little “speech bubble” icon on the right hand side (which indicates sub-tasks) might work as a drop zone. If not present, it could temporarily appear while hovering the task.

You can.

  1. Open the destination task to it appears on the right. Scroll down to the subtask section
  2. Click, hold and drag the task you wish to make a sub and drag it into the open task on the right
  3. you will see a blue bar appear as a drop-zone once you over over the subtask area

Hi there. I tried following your instructions and I’m confused. Are these steps so that we can drag subtasks and drop them into other subtasks, thus making them subtasks of a subtask?


  • Subtask 1
  • Subtask 2 (I want to drag this subtask and make it a subtask of Subtask 1, so it appears like the example below)


  • Subtask 1
    - Sub-subtask of subtask 1

there is the make subtask of. Have you tried that?

Of course. Though, this is quite tedious when moving multiple subtasks into another subtask. This is why I think a drag and drop feature that functions like the “make a subtask of” button does would be incredibly useful.

I’ve edited the title of this post for clarity.

Perhaps Asana can add this to the multi-select options?

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At a minimum, if it could be “select multiple subtasks with shift or command” to then follow the sequence > more actions > advanced actions > make a subtask of and insert several subtasks under a subtask all at once?

Thank you, I’m aware of this feature. Having to select the destination first and then somehow bring the designated subtask into sight is kind of tedious though, and not very discoverable. Moving a subtask between requires two drag & drop steps.

Thank you for making me aware of the “Make a subtask” menu entry! It brings up the recently visited task list, like the clock icon in the top bar. It’d be cool if I could (multi-)select tasks and drag them onto that clock, too, which then opens the list of recent tasks as drop targets.