[Boards] Make Subtasks become Tasks in board view

I notice in list view project, I am able to drag & move subtasks out of a specific task. Usually I’m adding it to another task within that same project (re-parenting). This has been very useful when I consolidate and group my project tasks after collection.

Recently, we started using the board view and this no longer seems to be possible (although there is a workaround, it’s rather clunky): Removing Subtasks from Parent Tasks

I’d like an easier way to perform this function. Doesn’t really need to be a native function, maybe just a quicker workaround.

I’m also interested in this improvement. It would be nice to drag and drop subtasks and convert them to standard tasks in the same way that you can on lists. Currently I try to avoid using subtasks on boards because of this.

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Is it possible to move a task to a subtask of a different task in board view?
I can add the subtask to another project column, and have the task duplicated, but I can not take it out of the task.
This issue is very annoying, specially when you are only interested in BOARD VIEW for KanBan.

Agree. Hard. Has this feature been introduced in the two years since this ask?

Gang. I saw a multi-year thread asking for this feature, and it was closed out when subtasks were made viewable on Board view.

However the ask (from multiple folks, and now from myself) was not simply to view subtasks in the Board, but specifically for the ability to move subtasks across board columns independently from their parent tasks.

Is this a feature that’s available? If not, it really needs to be. Without it, any task that has subtasks is useless to facilitate easy progress while a larger task is being worked on in parts.


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Hi @Jonhenry_Righter, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We already have a thread related to this topic. I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with [Boards] Make Subtasks become Tasks in board view to consolidate feedback.

We recently launched Subtasks in Board View and I think this would be a great addition to this new feature. I also sent this request to our product team so it can be consider in future updates. Thanks again for sharing!