Moving tasks including all their subtasks from a board to another board

I have a board, with a lot of parent tasks, with several sub-tasks. As a party of re-structuring of the project, I need to move parent tasks to new boards, and I need the sub-tasks to move accordingly. This does not happen at the moment and I struggle a lot to move those sub-tasks automatically. Any help is highly appreciated.

This shouldn’t be a problem.
You just add the task to the Project/Board, all subtasks should do so as well.

Make sure the Subtasks are not part of the old board.

you could also make a custom field in combination with a rule → change the custom field and the task automatically moves to the assigned board

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It should work as Josh mentioned.
Subtask are never part of any project per se unless you manually add them to the project also but even then if you move all parent tasks then all subtasks will also show up in the project you moved them to.

You can also multi-select tasks in list view and move them: Ways to save time in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide