When using Project Boards, how do I move a sub-task to a new parent (retaining comments, attachments etc)?



When using Project Boards, how do I move a sub-task to a new parent (retaining comments, attachments etc)?


The easiest way I’ve found is to make a Tag for this. I have one called “FindMe” and I put it on the two parent tasks, and then the child task. Then I just go to the Tag from the search and make the move.

Below are some pics that hopefully clarify this.

Subtask 1 is in the parent task “Test2”, I’d like it on “Test1”:

I already have my FindMe tag, so I just put it on the tasks:

I find the FindMe tag:

Then I select the task I want to drag the subtask into (Test 1) and drag the subtask (Subtask 1) into Test 1’s subtask area

Once this is done, there are a couple things to note:

The subtask is now in Test1, but it’s also had the FindMe tag removed. Moving subtasks around tends to remove all manner of properties from that task. Make sure to double-check tags, projects, assignees, etc.

Also, while still on the Tag, you can multi-select the tasks and remove the FindMe tag from both parent tasks at the same time.


Thank you for this amazing and thorough explanation @RyanE :raised_hands:t3:


Thank you Ryan that is really helpful.


BTW … I also received this alternative workaround solution from the Asana Support Team …

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to move a sub-task to a new parent-task on Board views. That said, I might have a workaround for you.

You could create a List project and multi-home (https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/fields#gl-multi-home) all your Board tasks into this List projects. You should then be able to move a task to a subtask of a different task from the List project. This will instantly be reflected in your Board project!


Yes, that’s another way to do it too.

Most of my projects are actually multi-homed to some degree given I do planning for individual projects in lists projects and then feed all those tasks into a single board project where my team works them through our workflow based on each project’s current priorities and what not. This often lets me get around having to do the tagging thing.

Multi-homing every project into two projects is something I felt was overkill because the only reason I found myself needed to do that is for corner-case instances like this. Which is basically just a workaround to make Board Projects more function complete (adding better multi-select and other task management functionality). It also comes with the cost of doubling your task management work and the potential for the two projects getting out of synch.

Also, you still have to watch out for the tags and projects getting cleared from the subtask when you move it to a new parent task. I’ve never quite convinced myself this is a bug, but I usually find it more inconvenient than helpful. I figure that there’s probably other people that rely on it.