Removing Subtasks from Parent Tasks


Is there a way to remove a Subtask from a Parent Task so that it’s its own task all by itself inside of a project?

And vice versa: is there a way to add a task to a parent task and make it a subtask?


Drag sub-task to task level and it will become a task. Drag a task inside another task and it will become a sub-task.


@Hasani here’s a demonstration:

Notice the subtask here. When I click on the subtask or hover the mouse over it, I see 6 dots to the left of the subtask.

To make the subtask a task, just click on the six dots and drag the task into the main project list. You can do this with any set of tasks and subtasks (even nested subtasks within subtasks).


Thank you @James_Carl and @Alexis. That’s exactly what I needed! This Asana just keeps getting better and better!! Lol


What about board view?
How can I apply hoovering to make the subtask a task in board view?
Everything else are grayed when hoovering is started?

Moving subtasks out of ticket in board view

Including the desktop view;


The board projects don’t allow for moving subtasks from one task to another.

In this case I would add that task to another list project… and then remove the subtasks from there.

If I needed to move the subtask to another task on the board, I would add that task to the same list project as the original task and add the subtask from there.


Ok I’ve found the same way while struggling around my project…
@Hasani It’s working :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.
I wish to find another easy/better way to do so… Especially while creating a new startup.


Yeah I understand. That’s a lot of work just to move sub-tasks around. Hopefully, the board projects will get an upgrade in the future so that allows it to becomes much easier to move the sub-tasks around.


This is great to know about Boards. Thanks for the info! And awesome teamwork :slight_smile:


Thank you Alexis! :slight_smile:


HI, I was racking my brain at this as it was not working for me. It seems it only works if I change the view to “none” rather than date or alphabetical etc. Seems a bit silly that this is the case but glad I found it. Not sure if this is just me though as i have been having all sorts of buggy issues lately.


And one more caveat (a case where it won’t work):
If the subtask has a “project” on it and it’s the same project as the parent task, this won’t work.
You need to first remove the project from the subtask and then drag it out of the parent task into a list view project


I believe the reluctance for Asana to resolve this issue (moving subtasks in “Board Style Projects”), is because the UI is limited to only show you one task or subtask… There are no other tasks viewable to drag subtasks too.

I a simple way for them to get around this is to use a feature that is already there (in “root” level tasks).

I noticed that the “Root” level task has a dropdown that allows you to choose which Project/Board it should be in (see screenshot below). Using this you can move a “Root” task to another project.

All they would have to do is add this same functionality to all subtasks, and add the ability to choose the task/subtask it should be in (or moved too).


Have there been any updates on this? Being unable to remove subtasks from tasks in the board view is quite limiting.


I agree with @aaronmagnus here. @Alexis and Asana devs, if you allow parent tasks to be converted to subtasks in board view, then you need to allow subtasks to be converted back to parent tasks as well. Supporting this for list view but not board view is plain silly. Not sure why you’ve introduced features that only work in one view. If you’re going to sell Asana based on support for both views then please be sure your new features are actually supported in BOTH views. I stopped using Asana last Dec for this inconsistency across multiple feature sets; thought surely by now this one use-case would have been resolved already.


Yes, I am using Board view for a project and I want to reassign a subtask to a different parent task. Unless I’m missing something, it seems I’m only able to do that in list view. I’m not going to recreate my entire project for this reason only. If you can’t fix this problem, then you should be able to switch back and forth between board and list view for projects. If you can’t support same functionality in both, you have to give people an easy way to swap (without duping absolutely every task to a new project).


Moving tasks around within boards is truly painful. Please prioritize making this easier. Really, I just want to be able to manually set the parent task of any task with a select box. Jira has had this figured out for a while now.