How to move subtasks to a section as their own parent tasks

I have a parent task with several subtasks. I have restructured the project and have no replaced the parent task as a section header. I am struggling with how to now make all the subtasks of my original parent tasks their own parent task under the new section. I have tried to drag and drop and looked through menus. I can find ‘make a subtask of’ but not a way convert the subtask to its own parent task. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

Hi @Hollis_English,

It’s true that you can’t drag and drop a subtask to be a task directly in the project list view, but you can drag and drop it if you select the parent task to show its detail pane on the right-hand side, then grab the subtask in that detail pane and drag it to the left over to the list view and drop it where you want it.

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ok excellent thank you so much! Thank is just what I needed. much appreciated.

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@Hollis_English, And @Phil_Seeman’s instructions also work when you need to “promote” multiple subtasks at once–just multi-select them; when you drag and drop they’ll all move together.