Adding subtasks to a Project via "Section dropping"

Stumbled onto this little gem concerning adding subs to the parent project.

If you drag n’ drop a subtask from it’s parent task into the same project it removes that subtask from it’s parent …UNLESS you create a section and drag n’ drop that same sub ON TOP of the section title.

Asana peeps: If this is a designed feature, please make these instructions prominent somewhere because I could have used this a looooong time ago. If this is a bug… call it a feature. :slight_smile:


I’ll be darned - what an interesting finding! (And thanks for the video illustration, makes it very clear.)


Let’s hope Asana does not fix it because they saw your post :grin::man_facepalming:

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LOL! I thought the same thing. What have I done?!

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Great feature spot! I classify this under taskception

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Very nice… and everyone. We didn’t see this… shhhhh, the force says, it’s all in your minds… hand wave. lol


This does not work for me :neutral_face:
Maybe Asana already found and fixed it :frowning_face:
It would be a super useful feature though!

Stills works for me on this end. Did you watch the video link I added in my original post?

I did watch the video, and since posting a colleague also confirmed that it works for them.
I’ve had another go and I see what happened now. I needed to drop it on Section (I expect I dragged into the section but not hovering over the section divider itself).

So it’s working for me now. This is a great feature and one I will be using.

Many thanks for sharing @Brian_Massey :slight_smile:


Mine are not removing from the parent when I assign it to project – it appears both as a task in project and subtask of the original task. Maybe this new change they have made not sure I am just experimenting with the platform to assess potential for my use case.

hmm now it is removing from the parent… im confused. Maybe once this is done to a parent task once it continues that behavior. I am not sure. I am getting different results with another task i am trying the same thing with now…

I did the same thing at first. I would sometimes drop the sub task on top of the section title (which keeps the subs in the parent task) but other times accidentally drop a sub just underneath the section title resulting in the sub being removed from the parent task. It’s a subtle difference and confused me at first but now I can reproduce the desired results every time. The trick is to drag the sub over the section title until you see the section title highlight, then drop on top.

Hi All. I’ve ended up here through similar frustration of subtasks not being automatically assigned. However, when I do what you suggest here Brian it creates the subtask as it’s own task under the section title as well as keeping it in the parent task so it appears twice. This is no different to hitting Tab+P on a subtask and adding it to a project that way (something that I learnt from an Asana employee post on this topic). For me, whilst assigning a subtask to a project is great for the “My Tasks” list it then makes things messy in the project view as subtasks appear as parent tasks and if I wanted them to appear like that I would have made them parent tasks in the first place. Am I missing something or is this just the way it is? Thanks