Subtasks listed on top of the project in an untitled section

Hi! I recently created a project in Asana for an event and have sections labeled by general bucket of things that need to be done. When I created it, I created tasks under the correct section and then added a ton of subtasks under each task. In the past, when i look at the project, I see the different sections and tasks underneath it which is accurate. However, now when I opened up the project, at the very top of the project is a whole list of what seem like tasks not actually under any section. When I looked through them, they are the subtasks for other tasks that are below it. I checked and I don’t have any filters on or any sorted criteria. What is happening? How do I only see the sections and the tasks underneath it?


I’d guess that you have “mutli-homed” (Added to project) the subtasks themselves to this project to the Untitled section.

In the past I bet that you didn’t do that. And that’s the more standard approach; only the parent task you added to the project has that membership, not the subtasks of all the parent task.

You can click Customize, toggle on the “Projects” column, and you’ll see if the above is true, and can remove that association if you want to.

I’m guessing if you scroll down, you’d see your Sections further below.

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Thank you! I think I know what happened. I had looked at “My Tasks” and saw a ton of tasks without a project on it and I believe those were the subtasks so I had just added the project to it and while it was helpful to view on the “My Tasks” it screwed things up on the project. While I’m glad this was not a bug, it would be great to find a way to organize “My tasks” section! It’s not great at the moment. Thanks!

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The advanced (read: “hack”) some of use is to kind of get the best of both worlds in those cases that benefit is:

Go ahead and leave the subtasks membership in the very same project as the parent task, but put all subtasks in a section called “Subtasks” and drag that section to be the last one in the project and also collapse it.

This is the workaround that allows subtasks to appear on Timeline, for example.

Not sure if it would help in your case though.


Oh good idea! I’ll try that out…

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