Sub tasks appearing at top of list view

I have an Asana plan which is organised into sections. Some tasks have sub tasks. None of the tasks are in the section at the top of my plan.

I’ve noticed a number times that when I reopen my project plan, the sub tasks are showing in the top section in the plan (as one line showing both the parent and the sub task) and the task information under projects says '[Project Name]^ [Name of top section].

I am not knowingly adding them to this section (in fact, I wouldn’t even know how to add tasks to another section in the same plan.

I have been doing some ‘all task searches’, including all subtasks, to see if I can make sub tasks work for me - is there something I’m inadvertently doing that is setting them to this section?

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HI @Jenny_Faulkner can you put a screenshot example up ? It might be you have a filter on or a rule.

Hi @Danielle-GenD

Thank you, I can’t at the moment because I went through and deleted them out of those sections. I have done this previously and they’ve returned, so when and if that happens again, I’ll put up a screen shot.

Hi @Danielle-GenD

I think I’ve found out the issue / cause.

I use subtasks:

I do an advanced search for all tasks so that I don’t overlook subtasks. The results of this show blanks in the Projects field.

Because I’m managing more than one project and will do an advanced search across them all to show me, I’ve been adding the project for subtasks.

Returning to the list view then shows these at the top (as you can see, there’s no filter or sort used)

The details for the task now shows a section (in this case an untitled one) has been added to the Projects field for those sub tasks

I guess the answer is not to add projects to sub tasks!! But then that’s a bit of a pain when doing an advanced search across multiple projects.

CORRECT! Subtasks are automatically a part of tasks and not projects so if you add it to projects it will add it like a main task

Thank you