Subtasks assigned to a project - Duplicate view


While assigning subtasks to a project since it is not done automatically, I noticed that when I do so, then the subtask appears twice and it is very confusing.

On the image below, first is a screenshot of a subtask before being assigned to a project.
Then this is how it looks like once the subtask is assigned.
And then you can see it is showing up on top of my list as a task dependent from another one and also under the parent task. The only way I can make that problem disappear is by making the task on the top again a subtask of the parent task I want it to appear under, which then delete the project. Back to square one.

Can anyone help me please? Thanks a lot!

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Hey @Jessica_LOPES
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Can you explain please why you want to add the subtask to the project again? Because the subtask is basically already part of the project as you can see also in your screenshot it shows in list view.

Since you added the subtask also to the same project this is why it shows under the project itself as well basically like a normal task within the project + a subtask in the project

This might be helpful as well: Subtasks appear duplicated when specifically selected and moved to a different section/project in list view - #2 by Natalia

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Yeah, this is normal unfortunately. That’s just the way Asana made it work.

I’ve run into this issue myself as we wanted to be able to see subtasks on the timeline and workload features and the only way to do that is to add them to the project—which just mucks things up and causes all sorts of issues with duplicates on reports as well.

I don’t Asana will ever address this and think it’s a fundamental problem with their architecture that prevents them from doing so. :man_shrugging:t2:

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