Subtasks Showing in Main Task List After Converting from Task to Subtask

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I converted some tasks to subtasks, and now they show up twice in my list view. I only want to see the subtasks once nested under their parent task.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Convert existing tasks to subtasks within the list view using the dropdown “Convert to Subtask”

Browser version:
Chrome Version 114.0.5735.198

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

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I can’t reproduce this. Can you click on a subtask to open it in the right-side Task Detail pane, then check if it shows a Project membership like Scratch 3 here:

If so, remove that, and it will remain a subtask but not appear twice in the main project’s task list.

Let us know…



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I was actually able to resolve it by following the other way of making subtasks which was dragging the subtasks from the main list into the subtasks of the parent task. When I did that, the duplicate in the main list view disappeared and seemed to merge with the subtask. Not sure what the underlying bug is, but now it’s displaying correctly for me.


When you convert a task to a sub-task, it will keep the same project as the original task. Therefore, you may notice a duplication in your task list. However, you can easily fix this by selecting all the sub-tasks and removing the project from them.


Hi @Paul_Grobler , that’s interesting! Was this always the case or is this an updated behaviour? I could swear that convert a task to a subtask would remove the task from the project, right?

Hi everyone :wave:

I did a few tests to see how things work… and I’d like to share 2 screenshots with you.

1 - When I manually add a subtask under a task: The subtask doesn’t belong to any project, plus it’s not showing twice in the List view. I can see it by expanding the task (Sort: None) and it works fine!

2 - When I convert a task to subtask: The subtask belongs to the current project and it’s also shown in the List view in two ways - As a task with the parent task noted on the side AND as all subtasks when expanding the parent task.

I’m not sure which way is better to use subtasks (I’m quite new to Asana so I’m still working on it :sweat_smile:) but I assume that Asana should take it under consideration to keep the same function when using subtasks, both ways (manually added / converted from task).

I hope everything makes sense… Looking forward to your expert comments and suggestions. :nerd_face:


I also have a feeling this is not the behavior I remember.
I do see the following when converting a task to a subtask:

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I am having the same issue and this is new. I have clicked on a task and selected Convert to subtask, then selected the task to move it to and the activity was only shown once.

I did follow this advice and removed the project from the task that was still showing and it resolved the duplicate task showing but this shouldn’t be happening. If you convert a task to a subtask, it should move as it has in the past.

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