Subtasks appear duplicated when specifically selected and moved to a different section/project in list view

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Subtasks get cloned when you select the task and subtask specifically in the expanded list view and then move them to new sections or projects.

Steps to reproduce:
Expand Tasks in List view to see subtasks in the project overview.
Select a Task and select a nested Subtask.
Move them to a new section or project.

The subtask will now be seen twice. Once still nested in the task and once separately at the task level. It’s not really duplicating the task though, it’s only showing it twice.

This does only happen if you try to move subtasks by expanding the task and selecting both task and subtask. It does not happen if you just select the task and move that around.

Browser version:
Chrome 81.0.4044.113

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Nicolas_Fischer and thank you for taking time to report this issue.

I can confirm that this is currently the expected behaviour. Let me give you some context to explain why.

When selecting the subtask and dragging it to a different section, you are automatically adding it to the project (since you are nesting it in a section within the project). This is the reason why you can now see it behaving as an independent task within the project.

To avoid that behaviour, I would suggest you to only select the task to drag and drop it to a different section.

I hope it helps Nicolas. Please let me know if you have a follow-up question!

Hey @Natalia,

thanks for your swift reply.

To avoid that behaviour, I would suggest you to only select the task to drag and drop it to a different section.

That’s our current workflow. It’s just that this behavior is prone to generating confusing “mistakes” when quickly reworking projects.

Are you working on changing this behavior or is it seen as a “non issue, works as expected”?


Hi @Nicolas_Fischer!

I don’t have any update regarding this topic at the moment but as soon as I hear anything on my end I’ll make sure to share it with you here.

Have a great week Nicolas!

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Hi @Natalia, I just encounter same “issue” mentioned above and found this post. Is there any way to undo it (to make subtask doesn’t appear as if it is independent task anymore)?

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Same question here

I couldn’t find a possibility to undo this bug. The only solution seems to be to delete the subtask in question

I am not sure if I previously overlooked this solution, but you can now reverse the bug by simply removing the subtasks from the project in the task details

As @Nicolas_Fischer said, if you open the subtask and remove its project assignment, the clone task will disappear. Once this is done you can go back to the original subtask and simply add it back to the project.

To help us catch things like this, our titles for our subtasks are consistent and unique from the titles of our tasks so we can easily and quickly recognize if a subtask has decided to engage in mitosis and then go into full blown task mode :joy: