Why is Asana creating duplicates of subtasks already assigned to sections and tasks and re-displaying them in 'Untitled Section'?

Why is Asana creating duplicates of subtasks already assigned to sections and tasks and re-displaying them in ‘Untitled Section’?

This started happening on one of my projects a month or so ago and it got so annoying I created a brand new project and created all the Sections, Tasks and Subtasks from scratch, yet it’s started doing it on this one now too.

It seems to be showing subtasks from tasks under various sections that have due dates on them and pulling them to the top of the list view (no section title) or to the left in the board view under ‘untitled section’. If the tasks are set to repeat, they dupe once completed. I have to filter out completed tasks every single time I go into the project or it becomes extremely messy, and ultimately I don’t want the subtasks to be duped into a list at the top of the screen anyway.

We use Asana to build out processes on top of using it as a task management system and this is making things very messy and difficult to manage.

What’s going on and how can I change the settings so this stops happening?

Just to be clear: do you multi-home your subtasks into the project itself?


I just checked the subtasks in their original sections and realised the project listed against them was only the main project, not the section. I’ve reallocated them all to the section and it seems to have fixed the problem.

Now to work out how to automatically hide repeating sub-tasks without having to click the filter to show incomplete tasks only every time I open Asana. Any idea how I can do that? Some of these repeating tasks are daily so things get complicated quickly if I can’t automatically hide them from view.

I am sorry I am still confused. A recurring task only happens once, you don’t see the future ones. So what do you want to hide exactly? Don’t you hide completed tasks by default?

Hopefully I can be clearer this time.

I have lots of repeat tasks and subtasks in some of my projects. I check one off as complete, it duplicates into the repeating task for the next day. All of the tasks I have checked off as complete also show in the list. I have to manually click to filter from ‘all tasks’ to ‘incomplete tasks’ every time I open the project in Asana to clean the whole thing up. I can’t find a setting where the default view is incomplete tasks only instead of all tasks. Does that exist?

My other issue is any subtasks that are due in the coming days are showing up at the top of a section in list view, so I might have a parent task that houses subtasks. Those subtasks have upcoming due dates so the subtasks become viewable from the top of the main section instead of just within their host task. It gets messy and confusing and is a new thing that’s started happening in the last few weeks so I’m wondering if there’s a setting I can change to stop it.

I use the ‘My Tasks’ list to organise my day and if I go to the project view I want a top level view of the tasks underway in that particular project, not an assortment of completed, incompleted, and jumbled up tasks and subtasks.

It does. Filter and then three dots menu > Save layout as default.

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That is surprising, almost impossible, as subtasks don’t appear in the project. UNLESS you added the subtasks in the project as well. Did you?

I have Projects > Sections > Tasks > Subtasks (some of these have due dates/repeating settings, others don’t). I don’t have any dependencies set up. Yesterday I deleted the subtasks with due dates or repeating settings and made them all Tasks instead with due dates/repeating settings and that seems to have fixed the problem.

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Hello, I want to ask the same question because my project just happened to be the same!
It was all good until today I saw this not organized, random “untitled section” appear on the top of my list. I can not delete them and it doesn’t go away. Please let me know if you have any solution.

Hello @Jayne_Chou welcome to the Asana community :wave:
It looks to me as if you added the subtasks to the project directly as well.
Can you please open a subtask and send a screenshot to see whether it is added to a project like in this example:

Because normally in list view subtasks would be displayed like this:

You can see the arrow in front of the main task and the symbol on the right side which shows how many subtasks every task has


Hello Andrea,
Thank you for your support! now I see.
I removed the project from the subtask, and that untitled section is gone now.
At the beginning I added them directly to the project was that I saw the MY TASK view, and it looks like this

it seems to be a bit weird for me that the subtasks are under this project but it’s not showing that way

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Yeah that is how Asana currently works. In many cases having too many subtasks can get very confusing also IMO so often having separate tasks in sections works better.

In case you are interested that subtasks are automatically added to the project as well (so they show like you wanted it) I recommend upvoting here: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project