You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list!

I fully agree with Joe here! Great addition!

I would also really like to see the subtasks on the timeline view.

The same very much goes for the “workload” tab of a portfolio. If we could see subtasks there as well, that would make our Asana-lives so much nicer :slight_smile:



This is going to be huge. Thanks for this update.

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@marie does it mean subtasks are taken into account for workload?

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Nope @Bastien_Siebman!

It looks like subtasks still do not automatically inherit the parent tasks project. Only when they do will subs show up in Timeline and Portfolios. In the mean time you can use this little workaround I found.


This is great to see on the platform. Thank you!
Don’t forget to update the documentation, it still says:

Subtasks are not visible in the project’s list view, Calendar View, or progress chart unless the subtask is explicitly added to the project.

We need sub-tasks to be reflected in Workload though, especially since they have hours attached…


Please add a way to expand/collapse all :slight_smile:


Loving that we can unfold the subtasks, and that the custom fields auto populate in.

Just some feedback regarding what we would like to see yet.

Not sure if you’re aware of this side of things, but it seems that when we filter out the tasks to see by assignee, the triangle to unfold the subtasks no longer appears. Our company uses this filter all the time, as they only want to see their own tasks and not everyone’s for this particular project.

I’ve attached screenshots to help aid what I’m describing.


We have the same feedback! Check out this thread and vote: Display subtasks on List view when project is sorted

This is FANTASTIC! Question, does your team have a plan in the works to roll subtasks up into the timeline and workload views? I’m putting together some projects for my team and depending on the answer I may need to choose one path vs another.

Again, thank you. We all got a bit excited when we saw this new rollout. Elisabeth

This is great–is there a way to expand all tasks with subtasks in list view rather than having to expand each one individually?


Not yet. Hopefully that’s a shortcut they’ll be adding. :crossed_fingers:


Brillliant :blush:

Yes, I found out last week.

I’ll crosspost here as this thread makes much more sense than the one I posted in.
TL;DR: This is great and all, but A) the * and ** mentioned above was a real disappointment – need infinite nesting and B) now that we can have custom fields on subtasks we really need to be able to roll them up to their parent, e.g. adding task estimation or costs for all subtasks onto their parent.

subtasks are not sorted by due date!

why not?

we cannot see (in the task list), whether a task or subtask has any attachment or file.

why not?

why would that be helpful?
if you are searching / looking for photos or files inside a project, anykind of overview where this data is stored, is very important.
to have just an overview of all media - like we have now - is not satisfying (if you have several hundreds of photos).

this kind of overview is standard in e.g. all CRM apps (pipedrive, hubspot etc.), where you may see all attachments for any email you ever wrote or get to/from someone.

so it is just a list showing which list item has any data …

This is great! Being able to see and hide subtasks makes them more useful for us. I also noticed that I can now select multiple subtasks inside a task and drag them using the task handles. I think this is something that didn’t work before, and it’s great that it works now.

However, there are no task handles on subtasks in list view when subtasks are expanded. Being able to quickly drag subtasks in/out of a task would allow us to use subtasks for decluttering.

I still hate the new section header workflow, btw. Can’t we just have a flag to allow ‘:’ at end of a task name convert that task to a section header? Please?