Anyone else as bummed out as me that we can no longer drag tasks from project to project


Maybe my problem is that I use Asana also as a todo list and not just a project management tool – but to me this is so basic …

Yes I have already sent them mail twice about this !

Drag and drop tasks from one project to another while tasks are ordered alphabetically

Are you sure you can’t do it? I am actually doing it and it seems to be working!


@akrasna : I just tried it and it is either a bug or new (unusual) behavior. I find that it only works if you un-multi home the task (and assign it to yourself so it doesn’t get lost) and then drag from your “My Tasks” into the target project. We will need clarification from Asana on this.


This would be a pain if it stays this way. I drag tasks all the time from a project and make them a sub-task of another task in that project. It happens when a project grows and seems worthy of subtasks – I then organize them all as subtasks. Rebuilding the task as a subtask seems dumb.


It must be a bug. I found you can take a subtask and drag it out and make it a task, but not put it back. :’(


Happy to chime in here.

@Howard is correct in that you’re now only able to drag a task to the sidebar if it’s not in any project. If it is in a project, dragging it to the sidebar will no longer work. We’ve had to remove this feature as part of our focus on updating the speed and performance of Asana.

The best way to work around this would be to add the task to the project you want to move it to (by adding it to multiple projects in the details pane) and then removing it from the additional project (screenshots below)

Additionally to your point @GregStine you can still drag and drop tasks within the center pane to move them from subtasks to tasks in the project and vice versa.


I agree that taking this feature out is disappointing. So if it is in no project like forwarded from email using you can drag and drop to a project but if it is in a project you can’t. I hope they find a way to restore this as I use also.


I just noticed that I cannot drag and drop one single task between projects, but it works when I do it with multiple tasks marked at the same time.


@Hendrik :+1:
I miss this as well


But you can add the target project and then delete the current project and you will have accomplished this.


True. It just seems funny to me that it works with multiple tasks, but not with one :wink:


I rely heavily on this feature. There is no option, as Katie showed, available that I can see based on how my projects are working out. I do not care that they claim it was slow. I would gladly take a slower Asana with this feature so I can properly track and sort everything, then not have it at all. I think this is a terrible business move. There is enough demand based on what I have seen on various posts to have this feature back. Not to mention the people who I know that stopped using it altogether. You are forcing me to use another software. Please fix this!


@Kelsey_Doucette Yes thee has been a fair amount of disappointment on this and of course Asana has to be the one that manages the feature. In the meantime could you give a little deeper idea why @Katie solution that many of us use while not ideal or as fast as the old feature cannot be an alternative. Just curious.


IT is just more inefficient.

I prefer to

  • see a task and drag it to the left and be done


  1. click it
  2. move mouse to the right
  3. click the project area
  4. switch to Keyboard
  5. add in new project
  6. remove old one …

BTW what is good for me is that even the removal of this features is buggy - and Often I CAN drag it - sometime on diff browsers sometimes after reboot - etc. … but it needs to be made a normal usable feature again


Thanks for your explanation.