Move task to a different project by Drag-n-drop?

Is there a way to set up Board View on projects so that we can drag and drop tasks into another Project?

The way our business flows, I may move up to a dozen tasks at a time to the “next step” (which is the a specific project-- the same project, every time. Having to open every individual one, click open a menu, click “add to project” after a while gets to be rather tedious.

I would love for there to be a “Column” or similar target on Board View that is “Add to Project B” so that everything I drag into that target is automatically removed from my project and placed in the first column of “Project B”.

There are 6 different projects that ALL of our tasks flow through like this, so all 6 of those projects would benefit GREATLY.

Is there a way to do this already?

Hi @Matt5, thanks for reaching out!

It’s currently not possible to drag and drop tasks to projects in your sidebar from Board view, but you can certainly drag and drop tasks from your List and add it to new projects in your sidebar. You can use our multi-select feature to add the tasks in bulk and them remove them from the previous project is you wish so.

I hope this helps!