Drag and drop tasks from My Tasks into projects

From: Neil Bates
Category: Asana basics
Browser: Chrome 56.0.2924
OS: Windows
Message: There seems to be a bug. I can no longer drag and drop tasks into projects. This seems to have recently changed. Here are the details…

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to “Personal Projects”
  2. Select “My Tasks” to get the list of new tasks, today and upcoming.
  3. Drag and drop a task from the list into a “project” in the side bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Expected behaviour:
This usually adds the task to the project and a coloured label appears on the task in the My Tasks list

Actual behaviour:
I can no longer drag and drop. Tasks are not added to projects or tagged with the project label.


Happy Friday @Neil_Bates

Are the projects you’re trying to drag and drop tasks into living in your Personal Projects Asana space, too? You can find out if you click into the top right drop-down (where you see your photo or initials) and see if the projects you’re trying to drop into may in fact live in an Asana instance that’s distinct from your Personal Projects instance (another option in that drop-down).

If the projects DO live in your Personal Projects instance, too, your best bet is to add the task to the project via the project header on the task in your My Tasks (#4 in example here - How to Complete Task Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide).

To help with our efforts to make Asana faster, we’ve rolled back the ability to drag & drop tasks between projects. We don’t have precise timing around when or if this will re-launch so would suggest you use the project header of tasks to add them to projects.

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I have the same issue and it’s a real bother - I used the ability to drag and drop the tasks to projects as a primary mode of organizing the tasks. Would love to see it restore, right now I have to manually write down the name of the project in the header of the task to assign it to a project, and it’s a drag.

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Does that mean we can expect the re-launch of this functionality in a foreseeable future?

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HI Piotr. At this time we don’t have timing around when or if this will re-launch. As Shannon suggests, your best bet will be to use the project header in tasks to add them to projects.

It may comfort you to know that while I had to adjust to this process, as well, it was mostly a matter of habit. Once I had the new habit down it was easy. :slight_smile:

Hi Shannon, yes the projects I’m trying to drag and drop to are also in the Personal Projects space. Thanks for the tip about typing the project name into the field. I’m afraid that the removal of the drag and drop feature is a serious degradation of usability. I hope that this feature makes a reappearance soon! N

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@Neil_Bates Good news! We’ve just learned that the feature will be reappearing soon. :slight_smile:


Hi @Neil_Bates and @Piotr_Prokopowicz -
You should be able to drag & drop tasks into projects in the sidebar in your work instance (e.g. I can in my Asana, Inc. Organization). We’re working on bringing that feature back for all company domain instances, so if you can’t see it now you should soon! :slight_smile:

Personal Projects doesn’t receive the feature improvements and enhancements that company domain instances do, so I’d recommend that you move your work-related projects living in Personal Projects into your work instance (maybe into a few private, for-your-eyes-only projects?) to benefit from future enhancements.


@Alexis @Shannon_McNeil Thank you both for your replies - looking forward to the functionality coming back, cheers!


As of today, June 4th, 2017, this functionality has not been restored. Or am I missing something I need to do to turn this feature on?


Hi @Dan_Whitaker - hmm that’s odd. The feature should be restored at this point. To confirm, you’re unable to drag a task from My Tasks to the sidebar and “drop” it into a project, correct?

Hi Alexis. That is correct. I cnat drag a task to a project and have it
tagged as part of that project. Admittedly I am using the free version of
Asana. Could that be why its not working?



I have the same issue. From My Tasks, I tried dropping a task onto a project. Then created a new task and tried to drop it onto a project. I tried dropping the project onto the tasks. None of these works.

Hi @Dan_Whitaker - it looks like what you’re experiencing is the result of a gradual product rollout we have going on. This feature is currently being tested and only rolled out to a small group of customers, which is why at this point we’re seeing some customers with the feature and others without it. Running tests like this allows our team to ensure we are providing the most value to you as quickly as possible—by building a feature, gathering learnings, and iterating based on these learnings. — It is helpful to know you’re interested in the drag and drop functionality. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your feedback on this!

Thanks Alexis. Please let the powers-at-be know we all really liked this
feature and are eagerly waiting its return.


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I can’t drag and drop anything anymore. I rely in this heavily every minute of my day as I move my WIP list around. This is killing me! I tried emailing support and their email form doesn’t work either. I need this urgently fixed. HELP! HELP. HELP!


Same problem here. Unable to move anything. A task won’t drag left or right to another board, and boards refuse to be dragged before/after others.



I also cannot drag and drop tasks between projects. I miss this lovely feature. On Mac / Chrome …Any idea?


I also can’t drag and drop any tasks anywhere. I can’t drag inside a project. I can’t drag to another project. Drag and Drop simply doesn’t work anymore.

Considering this is a fundamental feature for ALL users I’m surprised that this is not listed as a critical development task for Asana.

Drag and Drop does not work which means Asana is a redundant application right now.

It’s like having a car with no steering wheel…

I also cannot drag boards between columns within a project!!