Task --> section--> moving subtasks to tasks

Hi, we recently started to use sections more to help limit the use of subtasks. However, when we make a task a section, the subtasks remain as subtasks to the section. I would like to make all of the subtasks regular tasks of a particular section.

The drag and drop recommendations for making a subtask a task are not working.


I’m new around here, but I think the method would be this:

  1. Convert back to regular task (remove colon).
  2. With both panes open showing “task list” and “task info”, you select all subtasks (using shift+click) then drag them over to left hand “task list”. The drag icon shows up when hovering over a task. You must use it to drag.
  3. Once Subtasks are moved to “task list”, add colon to Parent Task then sort as necessary.

If drag and drop isn’t working between the two panes this is probably a support issue.


I don’t see a way to edit my post… but I forgot to mention this. When dragging over, you MUST hover over part of the list that alrady has tasks/sections. You can not just drag over to empty space. Asana wants to know exactly where you want to drop the sub tasks.

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@Matthew_Burt you get editing privileges after you have posted a certain number of times

So you need to reach trustlevel 2 in order to edit your own posts? That is not the default setting of discourse, the forum software we’re using here, and I think it is annoyingly restrictive. I had the same problem with my post above so I had to delete it. :frowning: