Turn tasks and subtasks into sections and sections into tasks and subtasks

Is there a way to turn tasks in to sections and sections in to tasks?

The company I use Asana with works in phases with their clients and had a preexisting hierarchy that I’m having to come in and cleanup to make it more efficient easier to navigate to measure timelines. It’s incredibly frustrating having to move each individual tasks into a different section and having to go back into that task to move the subtasks associated with it to the new section.

Section to task to subtasks
Ex: Select Section → Menu–> Select Task or Subtask–> Select New Section

It would be able better to right click or have a keyboard shortcuts to have a 2 way sync of sorts with tasks, subtasks and sections. Essentially turning a section into a task or subtasks by following a hierarchy and selecting with a drop down menu ,the current feature available within a task, which section within the board you want it to be moved to.

Alternative is use a hover functionality following the same path/hierarchy mentioned above which I think is more intuitive. The only difference is that with the hover function, to turn the section into a task you hover over the task list under the section you want to move it to and drop it in. If wanting turn the section into a subtask, you hover over the area where the details arrow is and it drops it in as a subtask.

Task or subtasks to Section
Ex: Select Tasks or Subtask → Menu–> Select Section or Create New Section

Would follow the same steps mentioned above honoring the hierarchy of Section–>Task–> Subtasks except backwards

Select Task–> Menu–>Subtask OR Section → Create New Section OR Select Section Tasks OR Subtask

Subtask to Task or Section
Select Subtask–> Menu–>Task OR Section → Create New Section OR Select Section Task

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Subtasks do not belong to the project per see, hence why if you want to have them show directly you have to move them. Here is a relevant feedback request thread.
Now have you tried to bulk-edit tasks via list view? This should speed up your work.

Here is an existing feedback request thread about the topic: