Sections in my task sections

I liking adding subsections/breaks into a task’s subtasks and would love the ability to do the same thing in my own tasks so that I can better organize my in-progress section by project/work type.

I found some images of people doing this, but I am unsure how. TAB + N creates a new section instead of a subsection.

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I’m afraid that’s an old screenshot and no longer how things work in Asana My Tasks. You’re correct; it’s not possible, really.

You may find my article about all the things you can do in My Tasks helpful in arriving at a good way to set it up for your needs:


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I appreciate the reply, but I don’t think this should be marked as “solved” since, well, the fact that this ability to do this has ceased to exist isn’t a solution.

The biggest problem with the newer version of my tasks is that it simply assumes you have tasks that can easily fall into “do today” or “upcoming” - when the reality is that many of us have longer term projects that can’t be classified this way - and it makes no sense to move tasks back and forth between sections.

And this is only exaggerated by the fact that a task and it’s subtasks both show up at the same time in “my tasks”.

Ideally I would rename “Today” to “In progress” and then use subsections to categorize my work like in the screenshot.

I can create sections in MY Tasks.

Really ODD implementation as I can move tasks to that new section but they don’t show in that section in List view, but they do in Board view.

I can even create a Rule that places tasks within the new section. When a Rule puts a task in one of these sections, I see it in List and Board view. So strange.

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