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Is there a way to customize how My Tasks is organized? I’ve tried using sections, but it’s not nearly as flexible as projects.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to organize My Tasks list by section and be able to freely move tasks into those sections. FWIW, the sections would be In Progress, On Hold, Needs Review, etc.

Is there a way to do this?


Hi @rachiLo,
So just to clarify - have you successfully created Section in your My Tasks, but you don’t like how it functions? Because you are able to create Sections in My Tasks. I don’t personally do this, but I checked and it can be done.

I thought maybe you were saying that you just didn’t like how the Sections interacted with the existing default Sections of New/Today/Upcoming/Later.


Hey @Joel_Charles!

More the latter - I saw that I can create sections under My Tasks, but they don’t seem very flexible or work nicely with the existing sections. I’d like to either remove/edit the default sections and replace with the “In Progress” “On Hold” style. I also couldn’t seem to move any tasks around at all either.



Yep - I hear ya. The default sections do kind of mess with any personalized method you might want to use.

One thing on your last comment: you may want to check out this video on My Tasks which shows how Asana intends for users to use it. Basically you’re to take every “new” task and move it into 1 or 3 buckets: Today, Upcoming, or Later.

Lastly, my 2-cents on your specific desire to have “In Progress,” “Hold,” etc., is to mess around with Tags for this purpose. I don’t do this universally with every Task, but there are some Projects we have had where we Tag tasks in a way somewhat like you’re saying. Then you can do a Search (and Save the Search) to show you all “Hold” or all “In Progress”, etc. That might be a way to accomplish what you’re trying to, albeit in a different way.


Thank you @Joel_Charles!

I’ll take a look at the video :slight_smile: Our team uses task and project management pretty differently so I was hoping to find a way to make it easy for everyone to use with their respective project management styles. However, I don’t seem to be able to move tasks anywhere regardless. Thoughts?

Also, tags is a great idea! Initially we had this style in a custom field, but we can’t add custom fields to My Tasks or sub tasks yet, so maybe tags would work instead.



Also, I don’t seem to have all of those sections either. On one view (Due Date) I just have “Later” and on the None view, I only have New, Upcoming, and Later.


Yes, that’s correct - in My Tasks if you use the Sort option of “None” then that is when it will sort using the New/Today/Upcoming/Later buckets (sections). If one of those isn’t showing, it might be because you don’t have any tasks in that section… I’m not sure because I don’t use this view of My Tasks.

If you change the Sort View of your My Tasks to anything other than “None” (such as “Due Date”), then it throws out the whole New/Today/Upcoming/Later method, and just sorts it by what you’ve indicated.

Personally, I keep my My Tasks sorted by Due Date and do not actually use the New/Today/Upcoming/Later method.


Thanks! I’ve been using My Tasks the same way (Due Date), but figured just maybe there would be a way to customize a little further.

Oh well, I’ll just consider it a product suggestion for now :laughing:

Thanks for the help, friend!


No prob - anytime. This Forum is a great place to get tips from other users (that are far more adept with Asana than I).

I think Tags might be your solution to provide some added Searching/Filtering functionality. Hope it works out for ya.


Exciting news! I figured out a way to make it work.

Under the “none” view in My Tasks, you can create sections under New Tasks. I was able to create and organize all the sections I need. :slight_smile:


Great News @rachiLo was going to post how I use My Tasks in a similar way to what you are after…
A quick tip. When tasks are auto promoted to the “Today” section of My tasks they will appear at the bottom of the list. So you will need to have some sort of identifier section to not confuse your workflow. I use “------:” as the last task in my Today section.

Happy to share screenshots if that helps…



Thanks Jason! I still am not seeing any “Today” section under the None view so no problems with that, so far. But if it decides to show up and gives me trouble, I know who to come to!

Thanks :slight_smile:


HI rachiLo- Similar to what @Jason_Woods said, you can use sections within the Today bucket… I do this by using “Criticical” , “Other Actionable” , etc. But, they are all within the Today section.


I agree with those who’ve had problems with the flexibility of My Tasks. I think a lot of us who use Asana as our primary organization system just ignore the “My Tasks” completely, and keep a project with a similar name that they can use all the Project tools for. My Tasks is fine if your way of thinking exactly matches that of the Asana designers, but any variation and it trips you up. For example … I want I want to do fine-grain manual ordering of tasks, within my own subheadings (like “In-Town”, “At the Office”, “When Foo is available” ) but selecting "None’ as the sort gives you the Today/Later&Project headings which (for me) are completely innappropriate. It sounds like you want to do something similar, so I’d suggest ignore My Tasks completely until/unless Asana makes it more flexible, and more like a Project.


I’m with you on this one! I wish there was a way to add additional subsections while using the Due date function.

My tasks section is very powerful if you break up big tasks into smaller chunks and use tags to signify how difficult or important they are.


@rachiLo I would offer up a counter opinion. I would suggest that you never try and organize your “My Tasks” any way other than date. It is not meant to help you organize. It is meant to help you do the actions that need to be done today/tomorrow/soon. There are so many other options for organizing tasks for that purpose. I would suggest two methods: 1. Ensure that you have projects and tasks organized in the breakdown that you prefer and that they all have you assigned with a due date. This will allow you to visit that project when you need the full view, but use reports and your “My Tasks” to get stuff done. 2. Create a project called “my real tasks.” While option 1 is better, you can highlight all tasks, add them to the My Real Tasks project and then you have all of the organization tools to use.