Ability to See My Tasks with Sections?

I find the Project list view of tasks helpful because it has Sections, and in our case we sometimes have repeated tasks (for example, “Write tests”) but becomes impossible to understand at a glance what I need to do today when viewing my tasks, since the sections are removed. I’d really prefer to not have to specify the section as part of the task. Is there any way to show the sections?

Hi @Michael_Moore! From what I understand, your Project List is divided into Sections, and in your “My Tasks”, you’d like to see to which section the tasks assigned to you belong to, is that correct?
Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment. Sections you created within your Project List will not appear in your My Tasks.

Would you consider using Tags (How to Complete Task Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide) or Custom Fields (How to Create and Use Custom Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide) instead of Sections to sort your task?

This way, when opening the tasks assigned to you from “My Tasks”, you would be able to see the tag/custom fields and know straight away where the task belong to!

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Another option is you can create Sections in My Tasks. I’ve used that myself.