Adding subtasks into other subtasks

Wanting to know how we can add a subtask into another subtasks or can that be done? i dont wish to duplicate the task i want to move it into another subtask.

Hello @Katie_Seals

Welcome to the forum. Here is what to do:
Sub task 1
Subtask 2

You need to move subtask 1 to become a subtask of subtask 2 - so you ultimately want:
Task 1
Subtask 2
Subtask 2.1 (which used to be subtask 1)

If the above is correct, then click on subtask 1 so the panel is open on the right handside
Click on the three dots at the corner,
select conversation to and 2 options will appear for you, one of which is convert to subtask

Once you click on it, Subtask 2 option will appear at the top as it is in the same project.

Hope this helps

Is there anyway to put a subtask within another subtask if both subtasks are created already? so essentially dragging and dropping one into the other?

Hi @Katie_Seals the process I explained above puts one subtask into the other subtask after they have been both created.

That is the only approach for you to do so. Drag and Drop functionality does not work on this occasion like it does for dragging tasks to subtasks because you are moving one layer deeper into the hierarchy.

But if you follow the above steps - what I explained works for subtasks already created.

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