Ability to drag and reposition subtasks to other tasks

When adding subtasks for a task, it would be great if you could rearrange them easily. E.g. you create a task ‘Training’ and then create a bunch of subtasks. But then your project expands and you need to do regional trainings so you create one task per each (each having its own subtasks). If you want to move the subtask from ‘Training’ as subtask from some other task, you cannot do it, you can only delete it from ‘Training’ and create a new one somewhere else.

Bottom line, it would be great to have the availability to move subtasks easily between tasks, not only rearrange them within a task :slight_smile: Hope it makes sense!

Welcome, @Weronika_Duda,

Are you aware that you already can directly move a subtask from one parent task to another?

Open the subtask in Task Detail pane and in the overflow menu choose Convert to > Subtask then autocomplete the name of the new parent task (you can also paste the link of a parent task if you previously copied it).

For example, you can move subtask s1 from parent test5 shown below by choosing the menu item shown and then entering test4 when prompted for the new parent.

You can only do one at a time though.


Ah no, I didn’t know that! Thanks a lot for the tip @lpb

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@lpb do you know if we can make a subtask a regular task without dragging and dropping it into a project?

Not that I know of, sorry!