Convert subtask to task

Ok, here you have

Ok, now I can see your problem. In this case you have at least two ways:

  1. assign parent task to to yourself, go to My Task and then you have split view as I had
  2. got search field, search for Bruno De… and this particular task (Regeling regulier …). When you click this task, you also have split view (be careful with this, because when you drag and drop subtask to His (Bruno) list, task will be assigned to him)

I hope this would help.


I’m not seeing the split screen view that you used to do this. Are you on an app? I use the browser view almost exclusively. Is it possible to convert subtask to task in browser mode?

I think she refers to the screen displayed on the right side when you select any task, then that is the ‘split screen’.
What worked for me was own the task parent, own the subtasks, and then drag and drop the subtask from the inside of the parent task to the dashboard of any coworker, and that’s all

No dragging needed.

  1. From any subtask, click the breadcrumbs in the top right ("…")
  2. Click “Add to projects”. Alternatively, press Tab + P.
  3. It will then ask you which project to add it to. Whatever you choose, your subtask will become a new task card on that project.

Keep in mind that the original subtask and the new standalone task will be still connected, which isn’t immediately apparent. But if you change details on the new standalone task, you’ll notice that those edits will be reflected in the original subtask.



Yes but I want to have ONLY the task under project and not connected subtask. Solution?


I found a solution - which I believe may be what Emmanuel_Reyes was getting at above…

  1. Go to the project in question
  2. From the list view, click a task to open the details panel
  3. You can now drag an individual subtask from details panel (on right) over to the project panel (on left)

I am missing something very obvious, where do I drag. In the details pane of the individual subtask where do I click to drag?

Here’s a screenshot that hopefully helps. You have to grab the subtask at the far left side to move it. Then just drag over to the list side and wait for the line appear where you want to drop it…


Oh my gosh @jeremyw, yes that helped. I needed the “grab at the far left side” because even though I knew the 6 dots were there for moving up and down, I did not piece it together that that was how the task could be moved generally. THANK YOU!! :raised_hands:t4:


Great! Happy to help!

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I’ve tried this, and it doesn’t work. When I want to drop it into the existing list on the left, it lets me kind of drag it, but it has a black :no_entry_sign: and doesn’t let me drop.

At first, I thought this wasn’t working. It allows you to drag the subtask over to the project, which highlights, and when you drop it, nothing happens. In fact, something did happen, but I had my list showing only completed tasks. As soon as I switched it to incomplete, it works as described.


In case you’re like me and are still struggling, also make sure you have the “sort” on your project set to “None”. If you have “Sort” set to “Due Date”, like I did, you will be hitting your head against a wall for weeks.


THANK YOU for this – I was having to chase my tail by dropping the subtasks into a new section at the top, then move it into a new section, clear the unnamed section, take a drink, stretch, cross myself, rinse, and repeat. Not anymore! :smiley:

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This solution works thank you. It should be highlighted at the top of the page.

Unless someone has a simpler one, or Asana could just enable drag-and-drop without needing a project, as the current solution is still a fudge, and does not work with search. It should be possible to search for a keyword, and then drag and drop any visible items.

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Every time I want to convert a subtask to a task I have to look up this article. I believe this should be made more intuitive and the most logical way is to have a function ‘Convert to task’ just like we have a option to ‘Convert to project’ already. Thanks for considering this, Asana is a great tool and this would make it even better!


This worked great for me, thanks for the advise. Seems like something that should be more easy to do without this hack.
It is common for a subtask to become a bigger issue and require greater attention.

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This is the best solution. @Brooke_Petit - when you hover over the item the 6 dots come up. You can then drag from there.

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For some reason, it isn’t intuitive to me that I can only do this from the detail pane… but I’m remembering more and more often… so thanks to all for the solutioning.