Boards Convert Tasks into Subtasks


Please remove limitations from Board view since in List view there are plenty of features available.

Any progress with this?

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I 100th this!

Visually the board view is what I need but without this functionality I won’t be utilizing it. Not until it can function similar to the list view.


very much needed!

My company would also like to be able to convert Task cards until Subtasks within a Project Board. Please do this…

Workaround: You don’t have to delete and recreate. Just have what I call a clipboard project. One that is for task transfers only. Add both main tasks there and you can easily move one into the other.


Good One!

+1, bumping this

Would LOVE this!!

+1 to this feature

Would also be really cool to see sub-tasks on the board view below the main task with some visual cue that they are subtasks (something like indenting that doesn’t create as much white space and indenting would, maybe smaller/different font, slightly different color…?)

Well I see its been almost two years since this has been requested. Any update on this? I second the request from last commentator it would be good to ha a view into the subtask for a task on the board even if it is just a count. or hover and pop up that gives you the option to click in.