Convert Subtask to Tasks

Often I am in a Board view of my tasks and have a task open that has multiple subtasks. I would like to be able to stay in this view and drag a subtask to one of the Board columns. This would reduce my four steps to one (move subtask to board column). Currently I am unable to move the subtask within the Board view. Currently I have to:

  • Switch to List view
  • Find task in list again
  • Go to detail panel of the task
  • Move subtask of interest into main task List

If you’re worried about making it too easy for someone to accidentally move the subtask out to the task level - make it so users have to use a shortcut key with dragging of the subtask to place it into a board column.

I hope this can be added to make the app even better.

(related to previous post → convert subtasks to tasks)

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