Adding subtasks to other projects (multi-homing subtasks)


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Hi @anon52469503 welcome to the forum :smiley:

Yes you can ‘multi-home’ subtasks into other projects just like any other task.
Go into the subtask’s details by clicking on the ‘bubble’ icon on the right (or press TAB+right arrow)
Then click on the ... menu within the task details pane and select ‘Add to projects’ (or press TAB+P) and start typing the project you want to add the subtask to as a normal task. You can also refer to this article in the Asana guide.

Hope this helps! Kalimera :wink:

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Hi All,
Can you multi-home subsubtasks?
I have junior members on my team so we breakdown subtasks into further subsubtasks. We want to those to show up in the Project and on their workplan (Project) but I think it can’t be done?

Welcome, @Caroline_Kennedy,

Yes! While looking at the subtask in the right-side task detail pane do Tab+P shortcut (or click the “. . .” menu and choose Add to Projects).


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Thanks Larry

That works for subtasks but not SUBsubtasks (i.e. daughter tasks of subtasks)?

Yes, actually, it should work for any nested subtask. Just make sure the one you want to change is showing in the task detail pane then do Tab+P or the menu.

Hi Larry,
The normal “Projects” field isnt visible on any nested subtasks when i open them. The option to add projects is only visible for subtasks.

Are we talking about the same thing?
In a project, Asana has tasks (level 1), subtasks (level 2) and subSubtasks (level 3). And of course team members can break things down even further of they wish. But as far as i can see, the option to add a task to a parent project disappears beyond level 2!

Yes, we’re on the same page. While it’s true the Projects field doesn’t show by default for subtasks, follow my instructions above to make it show. That is, click on the task detail pane with the subtask showing, then type Tab+P or open the … menu and choose Add to projects to add the Projects field for editing on the subtask.

Good lord - I see it. Thank you! The default settings threw me off a bit!

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Can I check something else please? I now have tasks mapped to multiple projects. In the overview tab for a particular project, is it possible to add a column to show the projects that task is mapped to and allow me to quickly add more? Ideally I’d like to be able to run through all the tasks in a project and make sure they’ve been added to everyone’s project workplans

Hi @Caroline_Kennedy , you cannot do what you are asking for in the Overview tab, but you can do it in the List view by enabling the ‘Project’ field, like this:

…which I also described in this post

Once enabled in your List view, it will show you which tasks belong to other projects. And if you click into the cell, you can type the name of any other project that you want to add the task to.

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Got it thank you!

I’m on a project where I’m a commenter only (not a project admin) and I can’t seem to multi-home a subtask. Is this because of my status role in the project?

Welcome, and yes, @James_Madden2, You’d need to at least have the project permission “Editor.”



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Hello - I am able to multi-home Subtasks into other Projects as Tasks, but when I then make that Task a Subtask in the new Project (as opposed to a Task) it seems to pull it from the other Project. Can a Subtask not be a Subtask in more than two Projects? It seems to work in two Projects to have the same Subtask under the relevant Task in each of the two Projects, but when I try to add the Subtask to a third Project (first as a task and then a Subtask), it kicks the Subtask off of one of the other Projects.