Workflow Builder, Subtasks, and Projects

Hi everyone!

I am working on building some workflows for our team and I have run into a couple of snags that I was hoping someone would be able to help with.

Here is our current process:

  • New task comes into “New Requests” section in a project
  • A number of subtasks are added (see attached image)

Ideally, I would connect some of those subtasks to other projects (for instance, EMAIL would be associated with an “Industry Email” project). However, I can’t see to find a way to do that in the Workflow Builder. Is this even possible at this point or would I have to retroactively do it once the subtasks have been added?

My second question is regarding sections within a task. I am able to add sections in task templates (see attached example). However, I was wondering if I could do the same through the “add subtasks” feature in the Workflow Builder.

Open to your thoughts/ideas/tips/help. Thank you!

Currently @Nahla_Bendefaa you cannot multi-home subtasks added via a rule. Hopefully that will come soon.

Unfortunately, you cannot trigger a rule on a subtask either so adding a CF value won’t work.

Yes, you can use Tab + N within the workflow builder to add a new section


Thank you for the quick response, @Getz_Pro. I’ll be on the lookout for the possibility to multi-home subtasks in the future. I think that would be very useful for our team. The more automation features we have, the easier it is to help our team get on board with using Asana!

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There is always a workaround with the Asana integration called .
Here is a picture of a rule you can create.

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Hi @Nahla_Bendefaa

@Bastien_Siebman had a enginious solution for this…

Basically set the task up as you want it with the projects and rhen convert to a task template.



Thank you @Paul_Grobler & @Jason_Woods! We actually have some templates already set up with the projects we need that we use for some of our other projects. It just is easier to use the “Add subtasks” feature from the Workflow Builder for any assignments that are routed through a form submission. I will look into Flowsana as that might be helpful!

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Hi @Nahla_Bendefaa,

You might want to look at Flowsana’s “Add Subtasks” rule action - it lets you multi-home the subtasks to other projects (among some other enhancements over Asana’s native “Add Subtasks” rule action).

If you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise, that rule action is available right within Workflow Builder.

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