Link project to a different project

I’m working on creating an Asana project where it needs to be dependent on another project. Basically if Project 1 is completed, we can move to Project 2, but these will need to be on two separate projects, from two different Asana teams.

I’ve read about multi-home task but I was wondering if its possible to link two different projects.

Hi @Mary_Danessa_Villanu, welcome to the forum! :smiley:
If you are on the Business tier you can ‘bundle’ projects within Portfolios, or similarly group them under one Goal which could measure the progress of both projects under a single progress bar.
Alternatively, you could also multi home the last task of Project A into Project B so that it appears as the first task there. This task could be called ‘Project A completed / Start Project B’ and add all members of both projects as collaborators. That way people in Project B would know when to start. You could also make the 2nd task of project B dependant on this multi-homed task to kick things off.

Hope this helps :wink: