keeping two projects in sync?

I have two projects, project A and project B in two different teams that i would like to keep in sync. Another way to think about it is the same project in two different teams.

i know i can multi-home the tasks, but after multi-homing tasks, if i add new tasks to project A they don’t get automatically added to project B. It doesn’t seem possible to keep them in sync?? I have been trying out Wrike and they allow projects to be in multiple folders/teams, so the project stays in sync, not just the tasks i have multi-homed

is this possible somehow in Asana or does this need to be a feature request?

This is not possible natively in Asana, unless you use multi-homing, which is limited as you pointed out. You could maybe use Zapier to automatically do the multi-homing… Why not have one project only in a “shared team”?

Hi Bastien, thanks for your response.

we have lots of teams set up with lots of projects. the list down the left side is getting long especially if you have a few saved reports! this is a bit of a symptom of only having two main hierarchies being teams and projects. No folders etc. I’m leaving out subtasks as a level because they are not well implemented in asana.

team officers are part of some teams and not others. Some officers want to have just their projects in their own team so they don’t have to go digging through all the teams and projects to see what’s going on. its just adding noise!

maybe there is another way?

Maybe what you need is to be based on reports only for those person. They could have a couple of reports that would cover all projects and extract only important data. Or maybe they need to look at Portfolios instead?

When you have a lot of projects and teams, it becomes difficult indeed if your routine requires you to read through them all.