Regroup two projects

Hello , Hope you’re doing well , Im new to Asana and I was wondering if I can regroup two different calendar from two different projects ? I mean is there a tip or something to regroup all the projects in one calendar ? It would help me alot.
Thanks in advance !

Hello @Ajroud_Raouia abs welcome to Asana! :wave:

There is a unique feature in Asana called multi-homing which essentially allows tasks to exist in multiple projects.

You could use this feature to address your need. If you create a new project called “Consolidated Calendar” or something of the sort, you can use this as the common project that all other tasks are multi-homed to. From the calendar view of this project you will then be able to see all the tasks across the other projects.

Here is a blog post about multi-homing that includes a video and a link to this subject within the Asana Guide:


@Ajroud_Raouia and @Jerod_Hillard,

There are easier solutions available:

  1. If you’re using an Organization (as opposed to a Workspace), then place the two Projects in the same Team and use the Team Calendar; it will show dated tasks from both Projects combined.

  2. If you’re on a paid plan, use a saved Advanced Search Report, searching for all tasks in both projects, then click the Calendar View which is available for Search Results.

In both cases you won’t have to worry about forgetting to multi-home a task.



Great options, @lpb. I forgot that Advanced Searches offer a calendar view and assumed the team calendar wouldn’t work because there would be other projects within the team that one might not be interested to see from the calendar.


Great tips! Thank you @Jerod_Hillard and @lpb :star:

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