Merge multiple projects into one?

Hello! How can we merge multiple projects into one so we can get one aggregated calendar of all the projects’ tasks?

Specifically, we’re using this for a marketing calendar. We have one project for content, one for social posts, and one for events. We want to leave these as separate projects but have one big resource so we can see everything going on.

Hi @Josh_Dreller ,
I think I might recommend using Asana’s “multi-homing” feature to accomplish what you’re looking for.

You can learn how to do that HERE.

That way, you can have each task in its own specialized Project (content, social posts, events, etc), and also include them in a “Master Marketing” Project with its Calendar view.

Hope this helps!

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Well, we really would rather keep the projects split because it keeps the discrete collaborators at the project level (since they are so different from each other…yes I know we can just set collaborators at the task level but that isn’t as ideal). Would rather not have a master project with everyone’s tasks on it…

@Drew_Shannon thank you for replying so quickly. Does that info above change how you would recommend me to do this?

Can we simply just aggregate projects into a big virtual one so each project leader can focus on their projects siloed?


Hi Josh,
My recommendation above would still allow you to have the individual Content / Social / Event projects separate, with their own collaborators, permissions, etc.

By multi-homing them into a Master Project, you’re just combining the tasks into 1 Calendar view, and you can manage the visibility of the Master Project just like any other project, so you wouldn’t necessarily need to expose everyone to everything.

In your example, the Events team would only have access to the Events project, but the Head of Marketing could make the Master Marketing Project private, so only he/she can look across all 3 smaller projects in 1 Calendar view.

Does that make sense?


Cool! Thank you. Just wanted to make sure it was the right solution.

Appreciate it, @Drew_Shannon

Hey Josh,

Drew’s recommendation is a good one. There is also another way to achieve this that I want to mention.

You can use Advanced Search to easily create this aggregated calendar. Just go to advanced search, in the “in projects” field, add the content, social and event projects, then click search. Once you do that, you will see the option to view a Calendar from that screen. You can save this Advanced Search report with the “Save Report” button and rename it to something like Master Marketing Calendar.

Hope this helps!