Connection dependencies between multiple projects

Hi everybody!
I’m trying finding a way to connect 2 or more projects eachother.
I have a Master project which must generate the start of other subordinate projects and needs them to be ended in order to prosecute with other project steps.
How can I solve it?
Thenk you for help

Hello @MC12, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

If you have various projects you might want to consider creating on main project to which all tasks from the other projects are multihomed into

You can then also create task dependencies:

So for example you can have one task that is the last one to complete in one project and once that is complete it will trigger the first task of the new project to start.

You can also mark projects as completed.

Does that help?

Hallo Andrea and thank you for your kind reply.
I’ve already seen this way but it’s not what I’m looking for.
I need to start multiple (contemporaneous/or not) workflow processes (not tasks) which must be ended in order to allow the main project to carry on.

Hi @MC12, thanks for reaching out! :wave:t4: I believe another option would be to create dependencies between projects instead of tasks, but unfortunately this feature is currently not available at the moment. You can upvote here, and we will notify you if it will be available in the future: Making one project dependent on another project


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