Connecting Tasks from two different projects to track payment

Hello Team Asana.

We are trying to create a payment tracking project but not sure how to link two different projects. Can we do that?

What we want is that once an employee marks a task complete in a project, the task appears in another project (payment tracking project), where the task appears in a correspondent section with the task compensation amount (We pay in milestones)

Is it possible to link two projects that way? Is there any rule that we can create?

Your help will be appreciated!!!


I believe the right way to do this would be to have two tasks, one in each project, and link them using dependencies. The assignee on the second task will be notified when the first one is created.

Rules in Asana can’t create tasks, but it can create subtasks, so you could also have a trigger “task completed” and an action “create a subtask” and make sure this subtask is part of your second project…

Let me know if that helps!


I will give it a shot and get back to you if it doesn’t work out the way we want it to.

Thanks a lot

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