Creating a new task in a existing project based on a status of another project without transferring or moving the current task

I am trying to create a project that will track referral payments for employees that need to be paid out in 6 months after their referral as started at the company. I am wondering if there is a way for us to add a new task to this project based on a status changing on our offers board from “yes” it is a referral and the offer status is marked “accepted” to create a whole new task and not move the task over since its moving to a different team for next steps and will have a new assignee. We do not want to keep moving the whole task from project to project with all the subtasks attached for other users to see as well. Is there a possible solution to make this happen.

p.s. I am new to asana (1-2 months) have used and are transferring our processes over to asana.

Welcome, @Emily_Mycroft,

If I’m understanding correctly, then yes! Assuming you have Asana Business or Enterprise.

Set up a rule in the Offers project:

  • Triggers (ANDed together): Referral is Yes and Offer status is Accepted
  • Action: Create a task specifying in the task details to add to Referral payments projects

That will create a separate task from the original task. There’s no way, I don’t think, to only create it in the Referral payments project; it will be multi-homed in both that project and the Offers project, but you could even include a subtask in it assigned to you to remember to un-home it from Offers, then delete that subtask after completion.

Hope that helps,


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