Create task in a project when I've been assigned a task in another project


I’ve tried looking around the forums and I can’t seem to find anything for what I’m looking for.

I like to use Asana as a “To do”. I’m just getting started with creating rules on Asaana, but I can’t seem to find a way to create a rule for this wish:

I want a task to be created on my “To do” project board when a colleague assigns me a task from another project. For example, a colleague assigns a task in a project with “can you review this”, I’d like to create a rule that creates a task in my “To do”.

Does that make sense? Is this possible? I can’t seem to find a way. I’m not a power user of Asana by any means, so I’m reaching out for help!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Ben_Eriksson :wave:

Do you refer to “My Tasks”? Because if so then every task that is assigned to you in any other project automatically appears there.
Or you created a project called “To Do”?

I would recommend not making a project called “To Do”, instead go to “My Tasks”. This is your personal “To Do” project made by Asana! :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for the reply. I do use “My Tasks”, but I like being able to move tickets/cards into columns based on priority, for example.

Maybe I should look at using tags for that rather than the columns.

I see so for priority I would then use a single select custom field. You can colour the options and this will allow you to easily spot the difference in calendar view also.
Plus you can filter the tasks easily.