Inter-project Dependencies

Is there any way to make one project dependent on another project?

It’d be awesome if in one project’s timeline, I clicked a link to a whole separate project.

Hi @Mike_Hammett. The integrated “Make Dependent” option works on the task level and can be linked across projects. Thus you can having a starting task in Project#2 dependent on the final task in Project#1. Another way to accomplish a inter-project dependency is with the Rules.

If you have a business/enterprise account, you can set-up a custom rule which has a task trigger in Project#1, which then adds a task and assigns it with Project#2 (to initiate the start). With the numerous trigger combinations and multiple actions there are likely a number of options which would work. See below for just one such example. Note: If you have a premium account, you should also be able to choose a trigger which also creates an action to begin the next project. Hope this helps!


Actually you can make a task dependent on a task in another project.

@Phil_Seeman You are so correct. I will edit my original post. Not sure what I was thinking (I like to over-complicate things sometimes). @Mike_Hammett Dependencies, which are on the task level, can definitely go across projects. Rules can work as well, but simple dependencies may be a easier option!

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