How to duplicate task into a section in another project?

I have a multi-level project, where Project A lists the high level goals (each is a separate section in Asana) and multiple tasks and sub-tasks. To get into the details of the tasks and sub-tasks, I want to duplicate a task or sub-task in Project A to a new section/goal in Project B. They should be linked, so if I complete it in Project B it’s reflected in Project A.

How can I do this or mimic this? Thanks in advance!

Welcome, @Lois_Kim,

This is called multi-homing and is described here:


Hi Larry, thanks for your quick response but I don’t think that solves my issue. I want to move it from a “Task” within a project to a “Goal” in a separate project. I also want to pull out “Sub-Tasks” and bump them into tasks, so they receive their own line item. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!

Sorry, but it’s hard for me to understand the specifics of this detail and the general workflow, so I’ll have to bow out here and maybe someone else can weigh in. I help clients with these kinds of things every day, but interactively.



Hey @Lois_Kim,

I do agree with Larry that multi-homing would be a good solution actually.

Based on your explanation what I understand is that you do not utilize the Goal feature in Asana but instead your goals are sections/columns, do I understand this correctly?

This is basically multi-homing as otherwise you won’t really be able to update the task in another project.

Meaning as far as I understand you want the tasks/subtasks show in a different section in the other project and also the status should be updated in both projects then?

Here is an example: This “Test Task Goals” was created under the “Test Andrea Clients” Project and also added to the “Test Andrea” Project. The task shows under a different goal in each project


Now if you have subtasks you can also add them to the projects if you want and select the section where they should show


For tasks that show in both projects whatever update you make in terms of adding a comment, etc will then show in both.

Another option for you might be to use a single-select custom field to update goal status there.

Also not sure if it helps in your case, but Asana has a goal feature:

Let me know if the above helps or you have more questions?