Multi-home tasks in multiple sections of the same project

We’re using an Asana Project Template for Onboarding new clients. Some tasks need to be complete during a certain stage and we would like to reference that task in later stages.

Basically, we want to be able to have one task (task or subtask) that exists in multiple locations within the same Asana Project so regardless as to where the task is updated it will be updated in the other locations…similar to how it works when tasks live in multiple different projects.


This feature does not exist indeed.

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Hi @Nick_Giaimo, thanks for reaching out!

I’m going to move this post to #productfeedback so folks in the community can upvote it and so our developers can get a better look at the needs of our members :slight_smile:


Hello @Rebecca_McGrath, I don’t see my post in the #productfeedback community. Can you share the link with me?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nick_Giaimo,

The link is Multi-home tasks in multiple sections of the same project


Just wanted to add my voice that this would be an extremely useful feature. We have a project where the departments working on various parts are represented by sections in Asana. One task may be shared by more than one department. Would like to have that task visible in BOTH departments’ sections.

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Why can’t you multi home tasks into different columns not just different projects? Killing me here!

Hi @Penny

Just out of interest, when would you want to multi home across columns? I’m trying to figure out the use case.

@Penny Margo here from Asana - While you can’t add the same task to multiple columns you can duplicate the task to have copies live in various columns. The other suggestion I have is multi-homing the sub-task of the task into a different column. You can perform this action by clicking into the sub-task and then using the keyboard short cut tab+p to add the subtask to the project.


Margo that’s brilliant, definitely solves our issue.
Mark, sorry I couldn’t explain it. I couldn’t find an easier way than explaining our whole process and it just felt too much!

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I’d like to upvote this feature request. I do currently add subtasks to additional columns using Tab+P, but I can’t do this in a project template, only after the project is created. This leaves a lot of room for error and makes the process far more time intensive.

Actually you can, focus on the subtask and use Tab+P it works I believe!

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I have the need for a single task to exist within two different sections of the same project.

The Project field within the task only allows one section to be selected so I tried adding the task to the project a second time with a different section, but as soon as the same project is selected then the first instance’s section flashes (multiple columns) and reverts back to the section.

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The only way it is currently possible is to have a multi-select custom field and sort the project by this field: a task will have the ability to exist in many “sections” because a section will be created for each option from the dropdown.

As far as I can tell, Tab+P only works for multi-homing a task into a different (existing) project, not the one being created by the template.

What do you mean? You can’t multi-home a task in a template if that is your question.

I’d like to add an upvote for this feature. It would be extremely useful.


I agree, this would be extremely helpful.

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Sorry - I missed your reply until now.

Yes, ideally I’d like to be able to multi-home a task within a project template.

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Agreed, I’d like to add an upvote for this feature. This would be very helpful for our work.