Multi-home tasks in multiple sections of the same project

I have multiple teams working on a single project. Each team has an Asana section that manages their tasks. at a certain point, both teams will have combined tasks. I’d like to put those tasks in both sections.

There’s a mechanical engineering team (section 1) installing multiple physical machines (each with it’s own completion tasks), a computer engineering team(section 2) developing the overall and individual control systems (each with it’s own completion tasks). When both are done, they will work together to test and commission the new machine (these tasks need to be in both sections).

Is there a way to make this happen with Asana?

Welcome, @Josh_Levin1,

I’m afraid this isn’t possible in Asana. I’ve merged your thread into a request for this. Please scroll to the top and vote with the purple button.

A possible workaround for you: Add a subtask and multi-home it into the second team’s section. A click in that task’s header can easily navigate up to the parent task.

See this thread for other workarounds.



Hi @Josh_Levin1 a lot of my previous clients would have an intake project for each team and the task can then be multihomed into each teams project as opposed to sections.

Hello! Adding my vote to this.

Here’s my scenario - we have goals that leadership is accountable for in a top section of our quarterly planning project. Some of those tasks are owned by departments in following sections of the same project. I have an assignee (responsible) and a column for accountable (leadership). I’d love for those tasks to live in both places so that visually, we can see them as leadership level but also within that department’s scope of work for the quarter.

Custom sort options aren’t realistic unfortunately, as the team has expressed the need for visual separation via sections. I’ve tried some sorting / filtering but haven’t figured out a good way to keep separation if anyone does have ideas!

I’d also like to multi home subtasks for the same reason - was hoping I could use that as a workaround by just typing the main task twice and multi-homing the subtasks to each, but it seems they switch back and forth between the two tasks, whether I add to project then convert to subtask, or if I just convert the subtask to a subtask.

Any advice appreciated! Though it does seem that multi homing a task within different sections of the same project is the ideal scenario here :slight_smile:


I need this too. For our conference, we have multiple sections w/in a project – speakers, awards, sponsors, AV, etc… I need to have certain tasks within each of those sections get added to the “major milestones” section at the top of the project so everyone is on the same page.

I know we can duplicate the tasks, but that’s not ideal and gets really messy when we need to add dependencies to these tasks.

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Same! Did you land on a good solution?

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Did this ever get resolved? Seems like folks have been asking for the feature since 2018

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hi @Jasmin_Schiener , welcome to the forum :wave:

This can actually be ‘visually’ achieved (not technically achieved) with the following workaround, which requires any paid version of Asana:

  1. Create a multi-select type field and populate all the options with the names of all your sections.

  2. Select tasks in each section and set the value of the multi-select to be the same.

  3. Set additional multi-select options for tasks that you want to appear in more than one ‘section’.

  4. Optionally (but recommended), delete all your sections but keep all tasks (first choice in the delete section popup) **note below…

  5. Along the top left of your list view, set the ‘Group by’ button to your multi-select field.

You should now see your list view appear as before, but with those specific tasks appear in more than one section. :wink:

** :exclamation: if you have any rules based on your ‘real’ sections, pause them BEFORE you deleted your sections - then edit your rules and base them on your multi-select field rather than the ‘real’ sections.

Another workaround, which doesn’t require any change to the structure of the project, is one I posted earlier in this thread: