Syncable Sections: option to multi-home entire sections

We are aligning project plans across boards and Teams by assigning a task to multiple projects.
An option to assign entire sections in a similar way would make it possible to sync projects dynamically.

It would also fix my issues with portfolio view that we dont use because we can only sync highlevel milestones on the portfolio timeline.

Welcome to the Asana community Forum @Mikkel1! Just to make sure I understood your request, would you like to duplicate the entire section including the tasks or do you want to assign all tasks under a specific section to one user? :slight_smile:

No, it´s not a duplicate option but a “sync across multiple projects” feature I request. See attached screenshot, where I show the similar feature on a Task.
Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 11.41.14

Got it @Mikkel_Eskesen! Thanks for clarifying!