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Hi guys!
I have a client working as a PM for a manufacturing company.
This company handles various items at once thus she created a section for each product (80+ sections in total) to oversee the entire timeline in Project A.

She also multihomed some tasks that caused issues to Project B.
The thing is, when she clicks onto a task from Project B to automatically move to Project A,
it doesn’t move her to the right section but stops at the top of the project page.
So, in order to see the entire tasks under that particular section, she has to scroll all the way down until she finds it.

Is there any way possible to navigate through projects much easier? So our clients do not have to hassle toggling down until they find the right section.

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Hi @Sophie9 :wave:

Indeed, that’s a good remark.
I’ve never really noticed it before now, but for long projects, I can understand that’s an issue.

The only thing I can think of, is a quick search to save you time finding the task.
(it requires using Asana on a web-brower, shortcut is CTRL + F on Windows, Command + F on MAC).

Hi @Arthur_BEGOU !
Thank you for teh tips :slight_smile: .
I checked with the client but apparently names of the tasks are the steps being progressed for each item(=section).
Thus if they use the Search Short-cut it wouldn’t work so effectively since the task names are the same.
At the moment, I told them to search for the Section!

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Thanks for your reply.

I will temporarily make my suggestion as solution; and anyone with a better idea (even slightly) should unmark mine :wink:

To go further, you could consider creating a suggestion in the category Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum - to improve the way a project opens after a “multi-homing click” (maybe something similar as anchors for web)

80 Sections is a lot! What version of Asana is your client working with? If portfolios are available, I would potentially suggest a different organizational approach:

  • Each product gets its own Asana project
  • Each Project (ie: Project A, Project B) gets a portfolio that contains all products (Asana projects)

You can still multi-home, but it may make projects more navigable. If seeing all products in one list is needed, a project can still be set up for that as sort of an archive/resource/master list, but it is no longer the go-to place for active work.


Hi! Thank you for sharing your insight :slight_smile: .
They are currently using Business Plan.
And of course they are actively using Portfolio as well :slight_smile:

They have a separate project for each items but the PM needed a master project that enables them to see the overall timeline for each of them.

So she multi-homed this master project to various independent item projects to run it.

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I thought the same thing, so I submitted product feedback.