Focus on applicable task, after moving between projects from multihomed task details.

I use Asana in my browser (Edge).

When a task is multihomed and assigned to multiple projects and you move to another project in the task details view, make sure that the task can be displayed in the view of the destination project.

In the current state, the display switches to the destination project, but in list view, if the important task is outside the screen (at the bottom), it will not be displayed unless you scroll. The task itself is now active. If the destination project is in calendar view, the focus will be on today, so you won’t know where the tasks are, so you’ll have trouble deciding whether to scroll up or down. The same applies to board display and timeline display.

Here is an image of the situation.

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Additional note:
If the default display of the project being switched to is a calendar, please make it jump to the task’s scheduled date.