Move Subtasks to different Sections

I see a lot of answers about moving a sub-task to another task but not to a different section or board. That would be super helpful to grow from the planning stage. There are tasks that need to come off the “Planning” Section and into specific “Event sections” and boards in those different sections. In addition, it would be super helpful to multihome not just in the project but into the different sections. We have a lot of cross-over and it would help not to have duplicate work or missed updates.

Welcome, @Samantha_Barrios,

You’re asking about tasks (not subtasks) so starting there, if you view the task detail pane (right side), you’ll see something like this:

Clicking the v next to Section 1 you can move the task from one section to another (which, when considered in board view, would mean to change it from one column to another since sections in list view = columns in board view).

To multi-home that task into another project (and optionally a section within), just click the Add to projects. First autocomplete and choose the project. Once the project is shown, you can pick the section within it. Repeat to multi-home in more projects.

Now let’s consider doing something similar for subtasks (instead of tasks above).

Some background: When you first create a subtask of a task, the subtask is not itself a member of a project (or section in project); it’s only a subtask of the parent task which is in a project/section.

To make the subtask a member of a project (and section), you first have to get it to appear in the right pane. You can do that as shown below by clicking the bubble icon at the far right beside it:

After you do that you’ll see this:

Type Tab+P (or choose Add to project from the “. . .” overflow menu) and then proceed as above to add the subtask to one or more projects.

Hope that makes sense,


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Thank you. I was actually talking about sub tasks - and the “projects field” wasn’t showing up. But when I went to the dropdown in the 3 dots it popped up. So that worked. Thank you.
Now if we can just click and drag LOL

Also, still don’t seem to be able to multihome through different sections only different projects. It would be super helpful to be able to do both. :slight_smile:
If there’s an Asana wishlist, may I add that??

Thank you for your help!!

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Note the “Section 1” in this screenshot:

That’s where you specify the section. A moment after you choose the project into which to multi-home, this chooser appears.



Yes, I know that part. What I’m saying it can’t be in more than 1 “Section 1” unfortunately. It can be in multiple “Section 2”.
I tried choosing the same project in “Section 2” hoping it would give me an additional “Section 1” choice but alas, it did not. For a brief second “(multiple columns)” pops up in the “Section 1” field but then goes right back to the original choice and no other option to do multiple columns.
Doesn’t look like I can multihome Sections in the same project.


Here is the feedback item you can vote on for this request:

@Samantha_Barrios, A workaround I use when needed is to add a subtask of the task and multi-home that into the second section within the same project.


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Thank you!! Did so :slight_smile:

Thanks Larry, I’ll try that!

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