Single board with multiple projects


Is there a way to have a board that points to different project tasks?

We are a small team and we work on multiple projects on a single sprint.


You can add tasks to multiple projects. I have a board for one of my developers that houses tasks from several projects and we use it to track progress and priority.


Hello! I’m Sara, a Technical CSM here at Asana.

@Pyron666, @Geoff_Manning’s idea sounds great for creating a group of Tasks. You could create a “Sprint” Project and aggregate all the Tasks across different Projects into that Project to view them together.

If you want to point to different Projects, not Tasks, you can use at-mentioning to create a single “Table of Contents” Task, with the list of Projects in the description. Then, you can navigate to each of those different Projects with ease. Let me know if that helps!



Can you clear on how to aggregate all the tasks across different projects into a single project.

I have created a project named “Sprint” but I don’t know how to put tasks from other projects in the Sprint project.



Go to the task and add Sprint as an additional project for the task