1 Sub-Task on multiple project boards

We have 2 project and 2 teams…Project 1 belongs to Team 1, Project 2 belongs to Team 2.

Is there a way to have sub-task in Project 1, assigned to a Team 2 member that would show up on both boards?

Hi @Laura_Montez

Welcome to the community…

If by SubTask you are referring to a Task that you can see in the Project List or Board View then yes very easily.

You can Multi Home a task in Multiple projects… Please not only One Assignee can be used so if some body else needs to do the the same task for another project then you will need two tasks

Have a look at this guide article.

If you are referring to SubTasks that sit under Tasks within a project that is a bigger issue in that you will need to add those tasks to both projects via multi homing as SibTasks are not directly associated with a project

Hope this helps…